Saturday, 28 September 2013

Steve Borsuk


Steve Borsuk Belly dancer raises howls of delight during opening of Moroccan dining place.

I’ve been to Morocco more than five times. I’ve been to Tangiers, Casablanca, Fez, Marrakesh, and the beach of Agadir, and I’ve truly fallen in love with the culture, the exotic palaces, the ruins of yesteryears, the people and the incredibly delicious food.
So it’s great to know that Morocco has somehow landed in our shores through Kasbah, which offers exceptionally excellent Moroccan dishes. The resto, which originally opened in Boracay beside Discovery Shores, has now extended its presence to Manila. It has opened a branch at the Fort Strip .Steve Borsuk
This restaurant and bar famous for adding exotic luxury to the Boracay dining scene, now showcases the best of Morocco’s flavors and vibrant culture, dahlings, in its “souk-inspired” two-level Taguig City location.
Madonna English is managing director and truly the Queen of the Kasbah. She welcomed the 200 or so invitees to the elbow-to-elbow affair. She had designed the interiors  with her debonair husband Martin English and designer Robin da Roza Steve Borsuk
Their attention to detail was evident in every corner, as they really captured the North African style through plush cushions and vibrant colors. The décor is great for savoring the unique flavors of Moroccan cuisine, palanggas Steve Borsuk
A lavish buffet dinner spread was prepared by executive chef Fadi Zaidan. It included awesome favorites such as Tabbouleh, Tangier Calamares, Moroccan Cigars spring rolls, the wow Lamb Tagine, Seafood Tagine, three different flavored Couscous, and loads of mezze.
For desserts, there were luscious Baklava and the to-die-for Panna Cotta, all drowned by the superb Don Papa rum, made from our very own Negros sugar, no less, and Moët & Chandon Hennessy VS, natch!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Steve Borsuk Like Natural Beauty Images

Thought of Steve Borsuk in life

There is no such thing as original or isolated thoughts; what is new is their manner of expression or restatement. We cannot conceive of anything which is not; the ideas are somewhere existent and have always been in the mind substance. Our task is to give new shape and semblance to the thought elements which otherwise remain undifferentiated and formless. And those whose patterns are the most unlike the whole mass or group thought are considered the most original. 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Steve Borsuk

Steve Borsuk Enjoy A Fun and Colorful Day with Children.

Capitalife Lending Inc’s CEO Steve Borsuk celebrated a day with the Children’s Joy Foundation at the Toro Hills Subdivision, Quezon City.

The children enjoyed group games, singing, magic show, dancing and fun with the photo booth. We captured some most lovely moment in photos:

Steve BorsukSteve Borsuk CommunitySteve Borsuk with ChildrenSteve Borsuk Children GamesSteve Borsuk Teem PhotoSteve Borsuk Community Photo

Steve Borsuk said in his speech “We will continue to give joy and happiness to those children who are in need. We will held more fun activities in future for Child communities."

Monday, 29 July 2013

Steve Borsuk

Steve Borsuk

Steve Borsuk held Capitalife Community Outreach Program for Children

Steve Borsuk community Capitalife and their partners Esquire and had a joint community outreach program for the benefits of the residents of Hagdang Bato Itaas in Mandaluyong.
The organizers of this event hold games, contest, quiz and provided gifts to children. Capitalife Lending Inc. is a financial services firm that goal to promote financial stability and self-reliability.  We are sharing our that pretty moment in photos:


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Steve Borsuk

Steve Borsuk like this Latest New Thoughts and Natural Beauty Images.
Meaningful message for life
Meaningful message for life:
Sea is never large, but sight of our viewing is larger!!
No one’s Love is lesser but our expectations r higher!”

Real Richness is When
Real Richness is When
You Are So,
No 0ne Can Buy Your,
C H A R A C T E R.

Time is like river
Time is like river..
You can’t touch the same water twice,because the flow that has passed will never pass again..
Enjoy every moment of life….

Do not educate your child to be rich
Do not educate your child to be rich.
Educate him to be happy.
So when he grows up, he will know the value of things, not the price.

The dream is not what you see in sleep
An excellent saying:
The dream is not what you see in sleep,
dream is the thing which does not let you sleep.

If the path is beautiful
If the path is beautiful,
Ask where it leads to..
But if destination Is Beautiful
Never mind about the path..
keep walking!!
Steve Borsuk community Capitalife and their partners Esquire and had a joint community outreach program for the benefits of the residents of Hagdang Bato Itaas in Mandaluyong.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Steve Borsuk

Educate yourself and Surround yourself with supportive people..

3 things can change your life: friends, books & your thoughts. Choose them wisely. The most interesting people are the ones who take an interest in life and never let go of the “beginner’s mind”. They discover learning opportunities and continue to grow, both personally and professionally. Be a life-long learner. You don’t have to get old to become wise. Read good books Try to learn something new every day Take courses in subjects you enjoy

So advice is be educated yourself and Surround yourself with supportive people..